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04-Jul-2017 04:20

This year girls remain [up to now] I find most of them all have troubles of measurement. Thúy Nga from Elite Vietnam responded through an interview with VTC News about qualification of a Top Model.

Put back the purpose of the competition, I personally appreciate last year qualification of the show and finalists over this year at the same time [of consideration].

Shortlist: Ngô Thanh Vân, former model & singer & actress / Xuân Lan, former model / Hà Anh, model / Quỳnh Thy, model / Hoàng Yến, model / make-up artist Nam Trung / designer Công Trí / photographer Phạm Hoài Nam According to reports from the page, there are 3 regular judges (frontmen) and some recurring ones as well.

First two unveiled are designer Đỗ Mạnh Cường and make-up artist Nam Trung via their famous quotes.

All the application forms must be sent by June 2011.

Xone FM, owned by VOV, joins hands to promote the program's audition dates and launch during many of its programs.

In late July 2011, Multimedia began announcements of changes in judging panel.